Making kids smile...if only for 28 pages.

September 21, 2020 2 min read

My first mission was a success, to say the least! I was first greeted by Spider-Man, who was immediately super friendly (obviously, he’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, right?) and everyone who followed was just as amazing. Jason Golden absolutely rocks and I can see why this is such a passion for him. He radiates a positive energy that is unmatched. Star-Lord, Spider-Gwen, and Doctor Strange all made me feel so welcome. I could tell they had faith in me to be a good agent, despite this being my first time.

After getting upstairs and taking some pictures, the staff seemed to know everyone in our group and all the company was well received.


Off to the first room….

I had to be stealth in my mission since we didn’t have a release form filled out, but I feel like after I got comfortable being sneaky, and got the vibe down, all was well. I definitely appreciated all the tidbits of information I got just from observing.

Off to the second room!

This was where I reeeeally got a feel for things….and maybe fell in love with Critical Care Comics (as if I wasn’t already). The whole family seemed thrilled to see all of the characters and enjoyed telling us stories of how their child was a hero himself and had super strength. Lots of love going on in that room 😍

Bonus: Mom coming out afterwards and professing her sons new found love of Spider-Gwen lol

And last, but not least, was Noah. His smile REALLY lit up the room and was infectious. I loved that his mom decided to pose and take a picture with all our Marvel friends and really embraced the moment. Noah was partial to Star-Lord, but I could see he really loved the visit from everyone in the room. He just radiated joy and made this visit so memorable for me.

In conclusion, I think today was a very good example of quality over quantity, and those smiles? That’s why we do this, right? That’s the whole point. So, I’d say overall a 10 out of 10 on my first visit.

Definitely one to remember!

Dylan West
Dylan West

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